SCTA Philosophy

What makes SAMSUNG one of the world's leading companies?

How we got here!

Ever since it was founded in 1938, SAMSUNG has continually refined its mission statement to respond both to change in itself and in the world: "Economic contribution to the nation," "Priority to human resources," "Pursuit of rationalism." Each slogan represents significant moments in SAMSUNG's history, reflecting different stages of the company's growth from a domestic industrial leader into a global consumer electronics powerhouse.

In the 1990's, we once again acknowledged the need to transform our mission statement to keep pace with our growing global operations, rapid changes in the world economy, and escalating competition from well-established rivals.

Our Management Philosophy

"We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society."

Our management philosophy represents our strong determination to contribute directly to the prosperity of people all over the world - a single human society. Key to our efforts is our own people, whose talent and creativity are dedicated to doing their best at all times. Technology also plays an important role in making it possible to achieve higher standards of living, and superior products and services are what we are all about.

We believe that the success of our contributions to society and to the mutual prosperity of people across national boundaries truly depends on how we manage our company. Thus, we challenge the world to create the future with our customers. Our determination is growth - a perpetual challenge - but always working within the context of cooperation and inclusion of our customers.

Community above society. Establish trust between client and company.

      • Promise of Quality
      • Thirst for Innovation
      • Stride to Leadership
      • Global Expansion
      • Courage for Investment
      • Eye for Potential
      • Fuel to Digital Economy
      • Commitment to Service
      • Concern for Environment and Health
      • Social Responsibility & Charity

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